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Claiming the digital space for wellness

  • November 12, 2023

What do we mean by claiming the digital space for wellness? Well, this means creating a dedicated digital space to discover what is available in the wellness industry. Think of it as your wellness centre but fully online. In the expansive realm of wellness, the struggle to find a centralised hub is a familiar one. Imagine a place you can go to find all your wellness information, wellness coaches, and a wellness community. 

Filling the gap where wellness is not represented

Wellness is not only poorly represented, it is also not taken seriously. Wellness isn’t just about healing or beauty, it encompasses everything from sports, fitness, nutrition, self care, and everything in between. Let’s take healthcare as an example. Doctors often prescribe medication, when it is not needed. Hundreds of millions of antibiotics are prescribed a year in countries like the UK. Why? Mainly because of limited time, resources and convenience. 

The unfortunate side effect is that people trust their doctors, and take prescribed medication, even if they don’t have to. Always question if you really need those antibiotics. Question what the doctor gives you. Sometimes, the use of antibiotics is essential to your recovery, but sometimes your body can fight itself. Taking antibiotics can harm your microbiome which causes more trouble for you down the line and potential more infections. 

The hard truth is that the healthcare system is built around the concept of keeping you alive. The wellness industry, on the other hand, aims to help you thrive by educating you on your own health. Be your own gateway and take responsibility for your wellbeing. Question how you treat your health: is the medication you are taking absolutely necessary, are there health elements you could start adopting to boost your wellbeing? By taking your wellness journey seriously, you can take hold of your health, thus giving you a better understanding of what it needs, what works for you and experiencing less ill health as a result. 

Crafting your tailored wellness journey 

Everyone who wants to embark on a wellness journey will need their own ingredients. If you were to work with a deep health coach, they would first do an audit of your life, your health, your work, family etc. in order to first assess your needs. This would then help to craft your wellness recipe to get you back to health. Your recipe is all the wellness ingredients you will start incorporating into your life: from better sleep routines, to types of movements, to what you eat etc. It is your whole ecosystem of wellness. 

The challenge is that a lot of people treat their wellbeing piecemeal. They believe that their health is separate from their habits. However your health is intricately connected to everything you do and everything you eat. Everything is interconnected. Unfortunately, the medical world still largely treats general wellbeing in this way also, so it’s not a surprise that people struggle with getting a hold of their health.

Why being part of Web summit, Alpha and Impact Startup is important

Codex is part of Impact Startup and the Alpha Programme at Web Summit 2023. This is not only a huge achievement for a startup that was launched in the summer of 2023, but it also shines a spotlight on a startup that is recognised for shaking up the wellness industry. It also showcases that Codex is aligned with the SDG goals and on a mission to make wellness more accessible to people worldwide.

There is so much room for innovation within digital wellness. One of the main reasons why Codex was conceived is because there isn’t a centralised digital platform that brings the world of wellness under one roof, and that fully serves the needs of coaches. There are many different platforms that offer different services to help coaches run their business, find their clients, manage their finances, manage their bookings etc. However, no platform offers everything together. 

Herein lies the necessity for a dedicated digital space, a beacon for the wellness professional and explorer. Codex is the first platform to do this. 

Leveraging technology for wellness 

Codex leverages technology by providing tools to support the wellness industry and specifically coaches to grow their businesses. It offers three main tech products: coaching packages, industry events /experiences, and curated wellness products. This makes it the number one wellness directory in the world to offer this. How? Because it fulfils the specific needs of wellness seekers by directing them to the right wellness professionals and helps coaches to find clients in a very difficult digital space, that demands them to be tech and marketing savvy. 

Envision a platform where discovering wellness practitioners is not only a seamless experience but also an opportunity to uncover offerings as exceptional as you are. Picture comparing certified coaches with reviews, immersing yourself in wellness events, and selecting coaching packages to suit your distinct needs – all within a unified space.

This transcends the notion of a mere digital platform; it’s a revolution, a call to action. 

Wellness finally now has a new home. A digital one. And it’s called Codex. 


Are you a wellness seeker or a wellness coach? 

Looking for a coach shouldn’t be hard, and neither should it be difficult for coaches to grow their business. Codex is disrupting the way coaches and clients find each other. It’s the matchmaker for the health and wellbeing industry. Come explore the world of Codex and sign up today: https://linktr.ee/thecodex.world