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Should You be Doing This Everyday? Busting 7 Sauna Myths Right Here!

  • November 10, 2023

Picture yourself lounging in a cozy wooden room, with the temperature maintained at a soothing level and beads of sweat gently trickling down your skin. That’s a sauna bath experience for you.

It offers a multitude of benefits, yet people hesitate to enter the Sauna. Why? The credit goes to all the myths keeping people away from this effective detox method, which benefits your skin and overall health.

Today, we’ll put these to rest so anyone who wishes to try this effective strategy can do so without worrying about their health.


Why do People use Saunas?


Before we begin our facts vs. fiction journey, it’s important to know why people flock to a sauna in the first place. Are they good for your health? Or is it just another wellness trend?

Let’s tackle the second question first. So, NO, saunas are not a wellness trend. People have been using this technique for centuries. Even most people visiting saunas fall in the age group of over 35 years. The stats may, however, be different in some countries, but there’s definitely a demographic pattern.

Nonetheless, coming to the most asked question about the sauna bath benefits, here are a few perks you can expect–

1. It helps you relax after a busy day.

2. It reduces tension in your joints and even helps relieve muscle soreness.

3. It may improve your cardiovascular health.

4. It could help in maintaining your skin’s health.

5. It is an excellent detox method.

The list is endless and is backed by research. If you want to know more about these, visit the websites of medical journals. So you gain clarity about what you’re getting into.

sauna bath benefits


Time For a Quick Sauna Fact Check!


Finally, it’s time to debunk the most common sauna myths once and for all. Keep reading the following section and see if you have fallen prey to any misconceptions:


Sauna is not for the weaker heart.


The fact is saunas do fluctuate your blood pressure, whether it falls or rises. However, they are generally considered safe for most people.

Still, it is recommended for people with heart disease or who recently suffered from cardiac arrest to consult their doctors before going to Sauna.


It can boil your organs.


Okay, stop!

This is the funniest myth about Saunas that must be put to rest. It sounds fascinating, like a Sci-fi horror movie; however, it’s not true.

The temperature in a sauna typically ranges from 150 to 195 degrees Fahrenheit, which your body can easily handle, depending on the atmosphere. So, your internal organs won’t be boiling anytime soon, that’s for sure.

On the other hand, this temperature will help in promoting better blood circulation in the body.

So, next time someone says saunas are boiling pots, laugh off and tell them the truth.


Too much sweat means dehydration.


Absolutely wrong!

While you’ll surely lose fluids through sweat in the Sauna, it’ll not drain every ounce of water in your body and cause dehydration.

Yet, staying hydrated is the key to enjoying your steam bath session. So, drink enough water before you enter the Sauna and after your session ends. It’ll help your body get rid of toxins and improve overall hydration.

In short, it can be an excellent detox.


You can actually get burned.


High temperatures and a steamy room, but it’s not a volcano. There’s no chance of getting burns in Sauna unless you act recklessly.

These places are designed with safety and caution in mind so no one is harmed in any way. Even the heat source is well controlled and secured, with negligible chances of having any short circuit.

So, follow the golden rule– don’t touch anything that looks hot, and you’ll leave the room without any burns.


Maybe you pass out.


Although dizziness and nausea are rare occurrences in Sauna, listening to your body is a must.

The thing is, everyone’s body works differently. So, if an ABC person feels fine even after an hour-long session, it doesn’t mean you can’t feel nauseated. There’s no competition here; if you feel like leaving, do so.

These are meant to help you relax, not huff for air or feel dizzy.


It’s too risky for pregnant women & children.


The pandemic has brought attention to the negative effect of Saunas on expectant mothers, as the high temperatures put unborn babies at risk. Even so, women love enjoying Sauna, so putting a ban instead of finding a solution is a misguided attempt.

Yet staying cautious is always best. Therefore, if you want to go for a quick sauna session, adjust the temperature so the heat is bearable.

The same applies to children as young as infants, as well. Since their skin is delicate and sensitive, heat exposure can harm it. Also, they have a lower body area to mass ratio, making them sweat less, and hence, they must not be in a sauna bath for a long duration.


Sauna Places are only for partying.


Most people who use the Sauna for the first time are made to believe the packed-steamy room is only for boozing and posting pictures on Instagram. Yes, the drinking beer part is inseparable for many sauna users; however, it’s not a mandatory practice.

Indulging in excessive drinking or scrolling through your social media feed may end up causing harm to you and your smartphone.

In other words, you must keep your cell phone outside in silent mode before you enter a sauna room and also skip beers. Enjoy the relaxing experience, meditate if you wish to, and experience a calmer you.


And Finally,


The myth-busting is over, but certain misbeliefs about Saunas still require 1:1 professional assistance. And, for that, you need not go anywhere else, as Codex will help you find a reliable partner in no time. Whether you want to know more about Sauna’s everyday benefits or associated risks, they’ll have all the answers.

Our platform allows you to seamlessly search for a fitness, wellness, and sports coach so you can have a dedicated trainer to guide you throughout your journey.

They understand what, why, and how of fitness journeys, thus helping you differentiate a fact from a common myth related to saunas, exercises, nutrition, and everything in between.

In a nutshell, we’ll match you with a genius who knows how to clear away the clouds of doubt looming over your wellness chapter.


Sabin L
Founder & Owner

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