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I'm Dom, 32, from Croatia, living 3rd year in Netherlands I'm registered dietitian, nutritionist, mindful living coach and personal and fitness coach with private practice in Croatia We do corporate wellness programs so the companies can reduce costs of absenteeism and healthcare, increase ROI and employee retention by improving physical, mental and emotional health, making better work-life balance, increasing job satisfaction and reducing stress levels of their employees We help people build essential sustainable nutrition, exercise and lifestyle skills and habits through using best practices of behavioral change so they can lose fat and build a strong, lean and healthy body We also do medical nutrition therapy and Dynamic Neruomuscular Stabilization to prevent, treat and cure acute and chronic illnesses and reduce medications people take with specific meal & exercise protocols. I also do side hustle with MLM, meaning I'm independent distributer for Netherlands for one company from USA that produces homeopathic gel that boosts natural Human Growth Hormone production, and it registered at Food and Drug Administration, it has over 40 known health benefits and on average random person experiences 10-15 of them My 2nd side hustle is being affiliate marketing for KO8 fitness equipment and programs. I got 4 university degrees: in IT, nutrition, internet marketing and fitness I also have about 10-15 academic degrees, and couple hundreds of certificates from fields of nutrition, fitness, wellness from all around the world I'm published in about 400-500 different outlets every year all around the globe, and I'm speaker on health conferences and 6* cruise ships around the world my webpage for my services and programs is and for products I have been in industry for almost 15 years

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Stop wasting time on counting calories and exercising if you want to lose fat. Exercise is not for losing fat it's for building lean mass (bones, organs, tendons and muscles). Kitchen is where you lose fat, by making home cooked meals from real organic minimally processed foods

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