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Feeling stuck, unhealthy, stressed or overwhelmed? If you feel that something needs to change urgently but you are unsure of how to do it, my program is for you. Let us meet! I was born in Portugal and in the last two decades, I have literally moved around the world. My career path gave me the privilege of living in several countries: Botswana, Denmark, Netherlands, Mozambique, Spain, and South Africa, and visiting many more. I have changed career paths in a few occasions, but mainly have worked in management roles. I worked as a Manager, CEO, and Country Director for more than 20 years in the private and non-profit sector. I love what I did with passion and always over-performed, until the day I did not. At 45, I was diagnosed with burnout among other health conditions. Now looking back I can see that it was a combination of many years of overworking, high levels of stress, and an ongoing neglect of my physical wellbeing that lead me to that. This made me understand the value of health not from an abstract perspective but from what I was experiencing. I used the little energy I had to look for the latest health-related data and to reflect on the choices I had made that led me to be where I was. I stumbled on the concepts of functional medicine, and I attended a few conferences. I implemented some of the recommendations and could feel how beneficial they were. After some time, my energy and brain function returned and that allowed me to learn further. I decided to expand my previous experience in leadership coaching and I invested in also becoming a health coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NY. I started my own practice and now help people to regain health. I specialise in weight loss, digestive health and prevention of burnout.

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With everything we do, we will be assisting your body to regain balance and become healthy again. We will follow functional medicine principles and we will implement life-style changes that will be easily sustained for the rest of your life.

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Sofia was able to take me out of a tunnel of bad food habits where I have felt for several several years. I have lost a huge number of kg and my body feels so healthy like never before. I have been able, with Sofia help, to maintain my weight down and my spirit high. What a fantastic journey. I am very grateful and very lucky. Thank you Sofia and thank you to your program. Gerardo Frascaroli


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