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I’m a passionate fitness coach, and my mission is all about giving you the best possible experience and helping you transform both physically and mentally. Here’s a peek into the heart of my coaching philosophy:

Training Explanation

In the last incredible 8 years, I’ve honed my coaching skills to perfection, specializing in the art of helping people shed those extra pounds through a magical blend of diet and exercise, ultimately making them feel youthful once more. My coaching is a harmonious marriage of rigorous science and the power of natural supplements, beautifully intertwined with a commitment to exercise, steering far clear of fleeting diet trends that only bring frustration and disappointingly reverse those initial results. Unlike the run-of-the-mill Health and Fitness Coaches who stick to either fitness or diet, I’m here to guide my clients through the complete transformation journey, encompassing both aspects, and to nourish their mental resilience along the way. And here’s the kicker - I tell them that they’ll leave me before I ever think of giving up on them! Welcome to IB Body Wellness Coaching, where the magic of wellness truly unfolds.

Client Success Story

I was a few months postpartum and was very unhappy with my weight, I had been stuck in the house due to lockdown and was struggling to get motivated to do something about my weight. I knew I wasn't very fit/active and was embarrassed about doing an exercise class online with strangers/people I didn't know incase I couldn't keep up with them. I was very nervous when I first joined as it was completely out of my comfort zone, however within minutes I felt at ease. I was added to a Group Chat where we shared healthy lunch ideas and kept each other motivated throughout the day. The exercise classes were amazing, I didn't feel embarrassed or awkward, we were shown easier versions of exercises as well as advanced versions so I felt like it was suitable for all abilities. The classes completely changed my mindset on exercise and it quickly became something I really enjoyed.


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