1. What is TheCodex.World?

The Codex World is a platform and central hub for wellness. It helps you find the best professionals that meet your requirements and that can help you reach your goals.

2. What can I find within the platform?

As an inclusive and central hub for wellness, we intend to offer broad and inclusive wellness services for everyone. This includes but is not limited to geographies, minorities, specialities, budgets, targets and goals.

3. Are there any requirements? Do I need any experience?

The only requirement is for you to bring an open mind and be open to new experiences, and to have an Internet connection to access the platform. We have programmes, coaches and events for all levels of experience from beginner to advanced, across a huge range of specialities and which keeps growing as our platform grows. Be sure to check from time to time if there are new suggestions for specialities that you are interested on!

4. Do I need to be in a certain location?

Our platform has classes and events which are online and which you need only have an Internet connection to be able to participate on. We also have hybrid and physical options, which may differ from time to time based on the available coaches near you, but we strive to keep our network growing and to have online classes and events available on a regular basis.

5. Is it free to join the platform?

Yes, it is free to join. Whether if you are interested in any wellness services, or if you are a wellness professional, or if you’re just curious, you are welcome to join and it is free of charge!

Anything other questions or issues?

Please contact our support through Support-Codex or by clicking the chat balloon at the bottom right corner of the site.